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Subject: Dr. Fixit* The usual disclaimers apply. If you are not of legal rights and/or age
to read any type of adult literature or if you find the material offensive,
please do not read any further. The author and site cannot be held liable
as you agree to accept all responsibility for reading said material. If
you wish to contact the author of this series, please do so at
trepakprinceyahoo.com, I will respond to all e-mailsI couldn't believe it, there on the table laid the hottest male specimen
that ever existed. You see I'm the school trainer and where I'm from,
football is not just a sport it is a religion and there in his sweaty glory
was Tom Connor. At 6'5, 215 pounds he could have any girl he wanted which
from the grape vine I heard he did. He had dark black hair and his eyes
were these piercing blue, his lips gave him this constant crimson pout. Tom
is the star quarterback and apparently he overworked his body in practice
because after an extended two a days like a dope he didn't keep his body
hydrated. So there he lay splayed out, I told his team mates to strip him to
his underwear so he could be able to breathe better. Then I gave him some
room Uncensored Preteen Toplist
temperature Gatorade so his body wouldn't go into shock if it was ice
cold. As his teammates peeled away his pants, a small gasp escaped my
lips. There Tom lay in this old tattered jockstrap, his ass looked like it
was carved from marble; his chest was firm and succulent. It took
everything in me not to rush Uncensored Preteen Toplist
over there and lick the sweat off his 8
pack. My cock was straining against my briefs and before any one could
notice I told the players to get out of my office so Tom could breathe. As
they Uncensored Preteen Toplist left, Kenny pulled me to the side and made it painfully clear that I
needed to do whatever it took to make sure Tom was ready for the game. Now
I'm no slouch, at twenty four I stand at 6'5 myself and since I was
thirteen I have been hitting the gym, I have what you would call an
athletic body build. When I run around the school topless a lot of people
tell me I look like a taller version of the guy from Spartacus, so in short
being intimidated has never been on my agenda. So as Kenny tries to corner
me I just grab the back of his neck not in a threatening way, more out of a
sign of authority and I tell him I will make sure Tom is in tip top shape
like any other member of the team and I sternly walk him out of my office
and direct him back to practice. Now that Tom and I were finally alone my real work could finally
start. I gave him some ice chips Uncensored Preteen Toplist to lower his body heat and told him I
needed to take his temperature. That's when I realized may be I should have
waited to take his temp first then give him ice or was that my sub
conscious already scheming away to go further with this hunk. I told him I
would have to take his temp another way to get a more accurate reading. He
gave me this sexy look of what did he get himself into and asked how I was
going to take it if by not mouth. I jokingly said luckily he was Uncensored Preteen Toplist already in
his jock so I wouldn't have any problems. I told him to lay on his stomach
and I would go get the old thermometer well just when I turn to go get the
equipment I hear this loud thud and there was Tom laid out on the floor
struggling to pick himself up. As I Jumped to pick him up he explains that
a rush of blood went to his head and he just got this feeling that he was
being hung upside down. While I'm holding him in my arms I tell him he
probably experienced a light case of vertigo and I would just personally
move him so we wouldn't have to worry about a repeat tumble and a
concussion to boot. He was so docile in my arms he told me that the last person who
picked him up like this was his father and that was twenty years ago. I
just tell him I'm stronger than I look and roll him on his stomach. I ask
him does he want lube or not, and jokes what do I think, so I tell him he
might feel some pressure and I ease my fingers in and out of his ass, I use
this special anal lube that I designed that gradually tingles the anal
walls. The purpose is that it starts off as a minor itch and with in hours
if not given the antidote the itch becomes almost unbearable. I try to make
small talk by asking him he didn't buy a new jock that his looks like it is
on its last day. He tells me that if was good enough for his father to win
the Heisman it must be good enough for him. My cock stirred knowing that a
father and son were sharing the same piece of loincloth. As I insert Uncensored Preteen Toplist the
thermometer Tom makes this soft moan as he begins to hump the leather
chair. I ask him about his classes and he tells me there all fine except
biochem, I tell him that my major is actually bioinformatics so if he needs
any help I would give him my number and we can go over any trouble he may
find. I lightly twist the thermometer around his ass and I notice there is
something leaking from his jock, I tell him to arch his back and he seemed
quite nervous. Then I realize he has one of the biggest hard ons I have
ever seen. I decide to walk away before I explode in my khakis and write
his temp on his physical history. He seemed disappointed, may be there is
more to this king jock after all. I walk him back to his locker and he
types my phone number in his iphone and takes my picture telling me that he
is better with faces than with names. I tell him to go home and rest for
the entire day and if he feels anything is wrong just call me. As I pace around the room, I worry if may be I should have given
him more lube that I should be getting a frantic call by now. Six o'clock
rolls by and my shift ends, and less than five minutes later Tom's number
appears on my blackberry. He's telling me how he is sitting in the tub of
cold water and that his lower region is really irritated. I ask him what
he means by irritated and he tells me that is asshole feels like it is on
He was telling me how he tried to soothe it with ice and he even tried to
stick a frozen carrot up his hole. My cock spilled a little precum just
thinking of him trying to fuck himself with a carrot, I tell him try a
cucumber and that I was on Uncensored Preteen Toplist my way to his dorm. I knock on the door and he yells that the door was open, he says he
is in the bathroom and to my amusement he was actually trying to stick a
cucumber up his chute. I broke out in this boisterous laugh, telling him I
was just joking about the cucumber, his eyes begin to well and he looks
genuinely hurt. I immediately sober up and apologize saying I shouldn't
have laughed at his expense. I decide to dry him of and carry him to his
bed, I told him he might have had an allergic reaction to the lube and I
was just going to put some salve on it to relieve the itch. I didn't
bother wearing any gloves, I felt like a more personal appeal was needed
when handling Tom. I dipped a finger in the cream and slowly inserted it in
his ass; I would gently push it all the way in and extend out only leaving
the tip of my finger at the opening of his hole. This continued for the
next five minutes and then I added another finger, that's when I looked
into his eyes as they bulged out not being able to comprehend what was
taking place.I asked him how he felt and only gargled Uncensored Preteen Toplist sentences came out of his mouth; I
took that as a sign to keep doing whatever I was doing. I reached for his
dick and slowly pulled back his foreskin so his precum could drip down to
his ball sack. A look of confusion flooded his face, he was telling me that
he wasn't gay Uncensored Preteen Toplist
and that I should stop what I was doing. I ignored his pleas
and added another finger to the mix and tightened my grip on his dick. His
mind was saying no but his dick would win the fight, I told him to relax
that my buddies and I do this all the time when there are no chicks around,
that I was just giving him a helping hand.When I felt like he was about to come, I would slow down the pace of my
strokes. I didn't know if I would ever get a chance like this ever again,
so I was going to make the best out of it. For thirty minutes I would
bring Tom to the brink of orgasm and then clench his balls to deflate his
dick. By the forty fifth minute he was warm pudding, he began to beg me to
finish him off, I asked him how he felt. He was in another world, I
decided to Uncensored Preteen Toplist add just one more finger just to see if he could take it,
evidently that was too much for his body to take and rope after rope of cum
erupted from his cock. He was trying to escape my clutch, his sensitive
head was in over drive. I scooped up some of his come from his eight pack
and fed it to him; he willingly opened his mouth and began sucking my
fingers as if they were two cocks. Every drop of come that landed from his
abdomen, chest, even forehead I shoveled in his mouth. That is when I heard
Oh MY GODD!! It was fucking Kenny, I had no clue how long he had been
standing there but evidently he had seen enough and like a bat out of hell
Tom darted for the bathroom. Kenny on he other hand was calling me ever
derogatory name under the book from faggot to fucking pedophile; he had
this look like he wanted me dead. I just ignored him grabbed my stuff and
left thinking what a way to end such a great day. I yelled for Tom saying
he could just call me if he needed anything and I told Kenny if he had such
a problem he knew where he could find me.To blow off steam I walked back to my apartment. I couldn't believe what
had just happened, that the inspiration of my masturbatory fantasies was
able to get off by my hands and that he liked the taste of his own cum
wondering if he would like the taste of my own batter . As I unlocked the
door to my flat, I felt this sudden push from behind. Kenny had tackled me
to the ground and was really wailing on me, that is when myself defense
mechanism caved in and I got Kenny in this scissor hold. We wrestled on the
ground almost evenly match, but I had the height advantage. I grabbed him
by the legs and that's when my hand slipped into his shorts. There
homophobic Kenny was sporting a hard on that could cut glass, I laughed and
said it looked like I wasn't the only faggot in town. He spat in my face
and that only turned me more on, so I grabbed his cock and forced my tongue
in his mouth. It was at that moment he melted in my arms, I picked his
little ass up carried him to my room and told him I was going to fuck some
sense into him. The Italian Stallion had this terrified look in his eyes
but I knew what was going to happen next...To Be Continued...Email me to let me know if I should continue the love interest with either
Kenny or Tom at trepakprinceyahoo.com

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